Dudley Dursley

Dudley is 100% Muggle and 100% spoilt. He is a porky blonde who is the same age as Harry and is a mummy's boy. He currently attends Uncle Vernon's old school, Smeltings with friend Piers. He is terrified by witches and wizards as his first encounter with one (not Harry) left him with a pig's tail and his encounter with the Weasley twins left him with an enormous tongue. Because of his weight, he has been put on a diet. Dudley has almost three of everything. He is now the Junior Heavyweight International School Boxing Champion of the South East. Nickname "Big D" by his friends, Dudley has taken to bullying children even more, vandalising and smoking on street corners with his gang. His birthday is in June. Dudley and Harry made amends as the Dursley's went into Order protection.

Vernon Dursley -

Uncle Vernon owns a drilling company called Grunnings, where he is the director there. He is an extremely large man who goes red in the face. He goes mad at Harry for no reason and is scared of Harry's godfather, Sirius. He hates any mention of Harry's "abnormality" in the house.

Petunia Dursley -

She was Lily Potter's sister who wanted nothing to do with her. Aunt Petunia is a nosey neighbour who spends all day spying on the neighbours with her head peeking around the wall. She keeps her house spotless and sees Dudley as her precious little angel who never does anything wrong. She hates to upset him. As she hasn't got a job, she spends all day cleaning 4 Privet Drive, so the house is spotless. Petunia is more aware of the Wizarding world than she has previously let on and even received a Howler from Dumbledore after they were going to kick Harry out out 4 Privet Drive. Petunia was actually jealous of not been magical, and therefore unable to attend Hogwarts. She even wrote to Dumbledore asking is she could attend!

Aunt Marge -

Aunt Marge is Uncle Vernon's sister who is extremely large like Vernon. She has many dogs but her favourite is Ripper and her favourite nephew is Dudley. She loves to put Harry down, which resulted in him blowing her up and she likes to drink alcohol.

Dudley's gang -

Dudley's gang used to pick on Harry at their old school and included Piers Polkiss, Dennis, Malcolm and Gordan. Piers is currently at Smeltings with Dudley and is his best friend. Dudley is the leader of their gang.

Tom Riddle Sr. - 

Tom Riddle was made to fall in love with Merope Gaunt through a suspected love potion, and they married, much to the scandal of the villagers of Little Hangleton. He came to his senses when he found out Merope was a witch (who had perhaps removed a love potion placed on him), and left her to return home, even though she was pregnant. He wa slater killed by his son, along with his parents.

Frank Bryce -

Frank was blamed 50 years ago for the murder of Mr and Mrs Riddle and Tom Riddle Sr. at the Riddle House, Little Hangleton. But it was not him it was Lord Voldemort or Tom Riddle Jr as he was originally called. He was employed to look after the gardens of the Riddle House after the came back from the war. He stopped there even when he was really old and deaf. He heard a disturbance there and went to investigate which cost him his life, as it was Lord Voldemort who was in his father's old house. He encouraged Harry though to hold on when he was duelling with Voldemort at the Riddle House.

Mrs Figg -

Although technically not a Muggle, Arabella Doreen Figg is a Squib and lives near to 4 Privet Drive with her cats. She used to look after Harry as a child when the Dursley's wanted rid of him but never could be nice to him as Dumbledore didn't want Harry to know about Mrs Figg.

The Muggle Prime Minister-

In charge of the Muggles, the Prime Minister was delighted to get into office, but not so delighted to be visited by Fudge and learn about the wizarding world! He has probelms of his own with dealing with explaining magical attacks in a muggle way.

The Grangers -

Hermione's parents both work as dentists. During the final battle, Hermione modified their memories, renamed them Wendell and Monica Wilkins, and sent them to live in Australia.