Death Eaters and Voldemort Supporters


Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort was a powerful Dark Lord who tried to get people to join the dark side. He lost his power though when he tried to kill Harry Potter, aged 1, because of the protection placed upon him from his mother's sacrafice of love. He returned to kill Harry several more times, unaware he had transferred part of his soul into Harry, and that Harry was protected because Voldemort had regenerated using Harry's blood. He regenerated back into his body but did not seem to appear human-like. He was hairless, snake-like, pale with gleaming red eyes. Voldemort pushed the boundaries of magin to all extremes, and learnt to fly without magical aid.

His original name was Tom Marvolo Riddle, which is an anagram of I am Lord Voldemort. He was half-blood. His mother, Merope Gaunt, fell in love with a Muggle, Tom Riddle. She died giving birth to him and he grew up in an orphanage. He classed Hogwarts as his first real home. He was the last remaining descendent of Salazar Slytherin. He planned to try and take over the wizarding world using an army of giants, Dementors, inferni and his faithful Death Eaters. He has only ever feared Dumbledore, and it wasn't until his very end that he feared Harry, who killed him after destoying his Horcruxes. He never showed any remorse for his actions, even on his deathbed.

Marvolo Gaunt - 

Marvolo was proud of his lineage, even though he had no money, and was forced to live in squalor in a small cottage with his two children Morfin and Morope. The Gaunt family are an ancient family that are descended from Slytherin himself. They were noted for instability and violence, suggested for marrying cousins within the family. Although Voldemort's ancestors, Marvolo would have been proud of his grandson's evil ways, as he did not like Muggles, and believed in purity.

Morfin Gaunt - 

The son of Marvolo, who appears to not know English, but instead communicates in Parseltounge. He hated Muggles, and would Muggle-bait at every possible opportunity.

Merope Gaunt - 

The abused daughter of Marvolo was thought to be a squib by her bullying father, until his removal to Azkaban showed that she was capable of magic. Secretly in love with a Muggle boy, Tom Riddle, it is believed she created a love potion to ensnare him. They later married and she had his child after he left her, but she died an hour after giving birth.

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy -

Lucius, the father of Draco, claimed to be good again after he was "taken over" by Voldemort. He was an active Death Eater though, and was caught as one. However, his only concern in the end was for the safety of his son Draco, after he fell out of Voldemort's favour. He is married to his Narcissa, who is Sirius' cousin and sister to Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange.

Wormtail -

Peter Pettigrew is Wormtail and was once known to us as Scabbers. Once he was released from rat form, he escaped and went back to his Master's side, where he is re-paying his debt that he left to him. He is a cowardly man who can not stand up for himself and who was jealous of Remus, Sirius and James' success at school. He was an original member of the Order though and was the one who was made Secret Keeper to Lily and James. He betrayed them straight to Voldemort. However, he redeemed himself when he spared Harry and Ron, causing his own death when his Voldemort-created silver hand turned on him and strangled him to death.

Fenrir Greyback - 

Greyback is a ferocious werewolf that has taken to killing even when the moon is not full. He prefers children, and often kills, or turns those, who have wronged him. He is a deadly enemy, who shows no remorse. He was killed in the battle at Hogwarts.

Professor Karkaroff -

He was the headmaster for Durmstrang and was once a Death Eater. When the death mark began to burn on his arm, he ran off leaving his school behind. His body was found a year later with the Dark Mark above it.

Barty Crouch Jr -

Barty Crouch Jr was put in Azkaban for been a Death Eater by his own father. He claimed that he was not one but the truth was, he was. He traded places with his dying mother by using the Polyjuice Potion and was allowed to return home, where Winky the house-elf would look after him. His father kept him under control but he managed to break free and Voldemort visited him and told him what he must do. Using the Polyjuice Potion, he became Moody and set it up for Harry to win the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He admitted the truth to Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and Harry. A Dementor administered the kiss on him through Fudge's orders.

Professor Snape

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Crabbe and Goyle

The fathers to Crabbe and Goyle at Hogwarts are also Death Eaters.

Walden MacNair

He worked for the Ministry and destroyed dangerous beasts but is one of Voldemort's Death-Eaters.

The Lestranges

Caught and put in Azkaban, the Lestranges escaped and rejoined Voldemort's side. They were the ones who tortued Neville's parents using the Cruciatus curse until they lost their minds. Bellatrix is Sirius' cousin and married Rodolphus Lestrange, whose brother, Rabastan, is also a Death Eater. Sirius was killed by Bellatrix. Mrs Weasley killed Bellatrix.

The Black Family

The Black Family all supported Voldemort's ideas, except for Sirius. Regulus, Sirius' brother, became a Death-Eater and was later believed to be killed on Voldemort's orders. However, Regulus Arctius Black, is the RAB in question who swapped the locket Horcrux for the fake locket. He actually died from this, and not at Voldemort's hand. Regulus played Seeker for Slytherin house at Hogwarts. and Bellatrix Lestrange was originally a Black. They too believed in pure-blooded wizarding families only.

Kreacher -

Kreacher is the house elf for the Black House and was the one that led Sirius to his downfall by taking Sirius' command to get out as an invitation to leave the house. He went to see the Malfoy's and had been taking instructions from them. He is a very old, disagreeable house-elf with a snout-like nose, who worshiped his previous mistress and master. He is now in the service of Harry, but would love to be in service of dark witches and wizards instead. However, Harry showed kindness to Kreacher when Kreacher revelaed that he was the elf that took away the Horcrux on Regulus' orders. Harry gave him the fake locket, and Kreacher was so happy at having one of Regulus' possessions, he began to be a cheery house elf and cook Harry, Ron and Hermione delicious food, and restore 12 Grimmauld Place into a nicer home for them.

Nott, Selwyn, Jugson, Avery, Augustus Rookwood, Antonin Dolohov, Thorfin Rowle, Mulciber, Albert Runcorn, Yaxley, Travers -

All Death Eaters and some worked at the Ministry as spies for Voldemort.

Alecto and Amycus Carrow -

Placed at Hogwarts to assist Snape by Voldemort, Alecto and Amycus are brother and sister Death Eaters. Alecto taught Muggle Studies, and Amycus, Dark Arts.