4 Privet Drive and

The Burrow.


4 Privet Drive –

4 Privet Drive is where Harry has to spend the beginning of each summer when he comes home from Hogwarts. He has to at least return here because when his parent's were murdered, Dumbledore set up ancient magic to ensure that he could come to no harm while he was in the Dursley's care. Although, clearly Muggle, it has great importance in the protection of Harry. He lives there with his Uncle Vernon, his Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley. He now has his own bedroom (it used to be Dudley’s second bedroom) but for 11 years he slept in the cupboard under the stairs.

When Harry is at Privet Drive he is not allowed to speak to any Muggles apart from the Dursleys, as the Dursleys fear that they will find out about Harry’s "abnormality". The Dursleys try to have as little as possible to do with Harry and he is not allowed to mention his school, Hogwarts. When he returns home they lock away all his magical possessions, so that Harry has to break into the locked cupboard where they are kept so he can do his holiday homework. He has a secret floorboard where he hides all his magic books and quills and parchment. After they discovered he had a godfather, Sirius, (who they believe is a guilty escaped criminal) the Dursley's have tried to be civil to Harry and have allowed him to keep his magical possessions with him. The house is kept neat and tidy as possible as Aunt Petunia hates mess and Harry is not welcome in this house.

The Burrow -

The Burrow is home to the Weasley's. It is situated in the village of Ottery St. Catchpole. The house looks like a stone pigsty that has had several storeys added to it and extra rooms added to it. There is a tumble-down garage and in the yard there are always several chickens roaming around. The house is cluttered but cosy, full of all wizard items. There is one of the biggest collections of Gilderoy Lockhart books in the house, as Mrs Weasley is a huge fan.

Their garden is extremely large with gnarled trees and a big pond full of frogs. They have gnomes roaming around the garden, which have to be de-gnomed every so often. Ron's room is on the 3rd floor, situated under the ghoul in the attic. His room is covered in posters of the Chudley Cannons, whose uniform is orange making the room look like a furnace. The Weasley's own a paddock up on the hill where the boys can go and play Quidditch up there. Harry is always welcome at The Burrow and the Weasley's don't care whether the house is untidy or not.


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