School Grounds and Rooms


Hagrid's Hut -

Hagrid lives in the school grounds in a small wooden hut on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. He lives there with his black boarhound, Fang. Harry, Ron and Hermione often come and visit him here and the Care for Magical Creatures also take place near the hut.

There is only one room in the hut. In there he has a massive bed with a patchwork quilt, an open fire, table and chairs, several cupboards and pheasants and hams hang down from the ceiling. The kettle's always boiled when a visitor calls round and Hagrid loves to offer people his rock buns that he's made here or his toffee! If you accept the toffee though make sure you leave it to melt by the fire first and if you want to keep all your teeth, politely decline the rock buns! Outside his hut, Hagrid keeps roosters and other animals.


The Forbidden Forest -

The Forbidden Forest is forbidden to all students hence its name. Harry though has several times. The first time he had detention and had to help Hagrid find a unicorn (see Philosopher’s Stone) that had been hurt along with Malfoy, Hermione and Neville. The second time he went in with Ron to find the spiders (see Chamber of Secrets). He has also hidden in the forest along with Hermione in the Prisoner of Azkaban as not to see their past selves and been near the forest entrance in his 4th term (Goblet of Fire) when Barty Crouch showed up after been "ill" for weeks.

The Forest is full of dark black tall trees and there is a stream that runs through the forest. The creatures in the forest include unicorns, spiders, werewolves and centaurs. Most of the things in the forest are friendly of what we know but there must be a reason why the Forest is forbidden.


The Lake -

The Lake is enormous but is not recommended for swimming in even on the hottest of days because it is ice cold. Many creatures live in the lake such as the giant octopus that loves its tentacles to be tickled! Not-so friendly mer-people also reside there and if you ever venture into the lake, beware of them as they taunt and tease. They also can be violent.


Whomping Willow -

The Whomping Willow was an expensive tree planted when Lupin began at Hogwarts. It was planted there because of him. By pressing a knob on the trunk on the Whomping Willow, you will calm it down and can access a secret tunnel. One side leads to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade and the other back to school. Be careful of this tree, it attacks violently and was the killer of Harry's beloved Nimbus 2000.


The Room Of Requirement -

Known as the "Come and Go" room by the House Elves, it is a room that is always equipped with what the seeker needs. Harry used it for his DA meetings, Dobby to cure Winky from the effects of too much butterbeer and Dumbledore found it full of chamberpots when he needed the toilet one night. It can be found on the seventh floor opposite the tapestry of Barnabus the Barmy been clubbed by trolls, after he tried to teach them how to do ballet. By walking past it three times and concentrating on what they need the room for, a door will appear in the wall. It is unplottable, and appears to be the only part of Hogwarts that the magical charms and protection spells do not work on.


The Great Hall -

The Great Hall is where all the feasts and meals at Hogwarts take place, as well as the Sorting ceremony. Exams are also sat here in June but usually there are the four house tables and the staff table at the top. The ceiling is enchanted to look like the night sky.


Dumbledore's Office -

Dumbledore's office is full of curious magical apparatus and portraits of past headmasters on the wall. It is the sacred duty of the portraits to obey the current headmaster and the office will only open itself for the rightful headmaster.


The Kitchens -

Situated behing a painting of a fruit bowl, that you have to tickle to get into the kitchens, the kitchens are inhabitated by the Hogwarts House Elves, who cook all the meals and clean. The House Elves are always willing to help out and give any student who asks extra food.