During the school year at Hogwarts there are many events that happen. These are supposed to be exciting and fun times for the students but sometimes they can be nerve-wracking. The main events are:


Sorting Feast -

This takes place as soon as the first years arrive at Hogwarts and is an event that is specifically aimed at them. The sorting feast determines what house a person will be in at Hogwarts. The whole school turns out to watch each student be placed by the sorting hat. Afterwards there is Dumbledore's welcoming speech which changes every year and often can be serious and drastic or have exciting news. Then it's the feast for the whole school with unlimited magical dishes to choose from. The Sorting Feast ends with the school song and then all students going up to their houses to sleep.

House cup -

The next event at Hogwarts, is the house cup. This begins on the first day of term and lasts to the end of the school year. Each house competes to try and win the house cup. The house with the most points is the winner. You can earn by points for many different things such as Quidditch, answering questions in class and participating. Some teachers are easier to get points off than others are. You can also lose points for been rude/cheeky, annoying a teacher, been in the wrong place at the wrong time etc. Watch out for Snape and Filch, these take the most points off people sometimes for no apparent reason.

Quidditch cup -

The Quidditch cup usually starts in October time and ends in June. Each house has a Quidditch team and the one who earns the most points from the 4 matches is declared the winner. Quidditch points are also included in the house cup, so it is double bonuses. For more information about the game itself, see Quidditch.

Halloween -

This takes place on 31st October and the school is decorated accordingly. All students are invited to a Halloween feast in the hall, where the food is excellent and the company great (with some exceptions). It is also the deathday of Nearly-Headless Nick.

Christmas -

Not many pupils celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts because they are all at home with their families. Those like Harry though and people who just choose to stay are in for a real treat. The others don't know what they are missing. All teachers remain at Hogwarts for Christmas and there is a big feast for all those remaining. All your favourite Christmas food is there but many times better than that at home. They are giant wizard crackers to be pulled in a brilliant atmosphere. The hall is decorated with real Christmas trees and everything looks magical on this special day.

OWLs and NEWTs -

OWLs are taken by 5th year students in their subjects and NEWTs by 7th year students. There are 5 grades and an alleged 6th one:

O = Outstanding

E = Exceeds Expectations

A = Acceptable

P = Poor

D = Dreadful

T = Troll

Achieving an "O," "E," or "A" grade is a pass, and the others are failed. Exams are sat in the Great Hall in June and comprise of a theoretical and practical exam. Outside examiners are brought in to test the students. Results are found out in July, in the school holidays. it is essentail to achieve a good grade in your OWLs because if now, it will limit what subjects you can continue on as NEWTs. NEWTs is the highest qualification Hogwarts offers.

Leaving Feast -

This is celebrated on the night before everyone leaves to go home for the summer. It is the biggest feast of them all where the winners of the house cup are rewarded with their house colours decorating the hall and of course the trophy. The food is the best it has ever been during the previous feasts of the year.

Tri-wizard Tournament -

This only re-started up in Harry's 4th year. It stopped when the death counter became too high, so they imposed restrictions on the games. Three students, one from Beauxbatons, one from Durmstrang and one from Hogwarts have to compete in two tasks to get the most points and these tasks vary each year. They are rewarded points by the judges from each school and two other independent judges. The points puts them at an advantage or disadvantage for the third task in which they have to find the trophy. The people with the most points get a head-start on the others. The winner gets the fame, the trophy and 1000 galleons!

Yule ball -

The Yule ball only takes place if there is a tri-wizard tournament. The ball is only open to people in the 4th year and above and is chance to mix with the students from the other schools. The competitors of the Tri-wizard Tournament have to start the ball off by dancing with their partners. Dress robes are required for the ball and there is a meal to be eaten before the festivities begin.