There are several ways in which a wizard can travel around the Wizarding World.

Floo powder

Travelling by floo is connected with fireplaces. A user will take a pinch of floo powder, throw it into the fire and clearly say where he or she wants to go. As long as it is connected to the floo network, they will be able to go there. It is a hot, uncomfortable method of travelling but is quick and convineant. Muggle houses are not connected though.

The Knight Bus

The Knight Bus is a large triple-deck bus that picks up wizards who stick out their wand hand. It has the ability to pick someone up in Surrey for example and be back in Scotland where someone else wants dropping off almost straight away. For night time trips there are beds and comfy chairs during the day.


If travelling by broomstick, it needs to be ensured that Muggles do not see you, as this can cause lots of problems. It is often too uncomfortable for longer journies.


Those who have passed an Apparition test can magically disappear from one place and magically appear where they want to be a nanosecond later. There is the danger of being spliced though - where one half of your body is left behind. The procedure is regulated by the Ministry of Magic, and it requires those wishing to apparate to take a course and a test before they are allowed to apparate. Those who are under-age are allowed to be taken by a qualified wizard on side-along Apparition. it is a very interesting sensation to apparate!


Portkeys are items that Muggles would class as rubbish and are unlikely to pick up but to wizards, allows them to transport to their destination. They have to be specially set up though and are used more often than not for transporting a large group of wizards, such as in the Quidditch World Cup. All you need is one finger on the portkey at the time it is set to go at.


The train from Kings Cross, found by walking through the barrier at Platform 9 and 3 quarters, is how the Hogwarts' students get to Hogsmeade station. It is assumed that in term-time, this service is for any witch or wizard who wantes to visit the only 100% magical community.

Enchanted flying objects

These are not allowed in Britain and include flying carpets. Flying carpets do seat the family though and many would like the ban to be lifted. Wizards who bewitch Muggle transport face a fine as Arthur Weasley did with his Flying Ford Anglia.

Winged creatures

Any winged creatures can also be used as a form of travel if they permit it. Hippogriffs, winged horses and Thresals are examples of winged creatures that have let wizards fly on them.


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