School Subjects



This is an optional Saturday class, costing 12 galleons, that 6th years can take in order to achieve their Apparition license at the age of 17. Destination, determination and deliberation is the key to sucessfully apparating.



This is the study of numbers and how they are used in the wizarding world. It is taught by Professor Vector, a teacher not mentioned very often.



Astronomy is taught normally on a Wednesday night at midnight. You have to study the skies and learn the movements of the planets and direction of stars. It is taught by Professor Sinistra who recomends that a telescope is a must for this subject!


Care of Magical Creatures

Hagrid teaches this subject and it is the study of magical creatures, the best way to approach them and how to look after them. Hagrid started this job in the 3rd year when Harry was at Hogwarts and before that Professor Kettleburn taught this subject. The class meet many interesting creatures such as unicorns and hippogriffs but there are also some boring ones like flobberworms! Magizoology is an advanced part of Care of Magical Creatures.



Professor Flitwick teaches Charms. Here you learn all sorts of charms and enchantments such as Cheering charms and how to make objects fly. Beware though, it is not as easy as just waving your wand and uttering the magic words, everything has to be exact otherwise you never know what'll happen to you.


Defence Against the Dark Arts

Since Harry has been at school he has had 4 Defence Against the Dark Art teachers. There was Professor Quirrell (he turned out to be the servant of Lord Voldemort), Professor Lockhart (who lost his memory in the Chamber of Secrets and was useless as a teacher anyway because he talked about himself) and Professor Lupin (who left when everybody find out he was a werewolf). Professor Lupin was the best teacher and he taught them properly about Defence Against the dark Arts with hands-on experience. The 4th teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts was Mad-eye Moody even though it wasn't the real Mad-eye Moody who actually taught it only at the end of term (see Goblet of Fire for more details). Moody has taught the most dangerous and advanced stuff so far. Ministry employee Dolores Umbridge held the position in their 5th year, and finally, Professor Snape, held the position in the 6th year. The position is cursed by Lord Voldemort that no teacher will ever teach it longer than one year. Death Eater Carrow took over in 7th year and renamed the subject, Dark Arts.



This is the subject of reading tealeaves, palmistry, crystal balls and fire-omens and is one that many Muggles can actually do as long as they have the "eye". Professor Trelawney teaches it at the top of the North Tower. She believes Harry will always die in tragic and severe ways but this is not unusual for her to make these assumptions as she picks a new student to die each year. Ron and Harry used to just make up their Divination homework predicting dire and sick things but Trelawney loves it and rewards them with high marks. Firenze is another Divination teacher at Hogwarts.



Professor Sprout, a small dumpy witch teaches Herbology in the greenhouses and is also the head of Hufflepuff. In this subject you learn how to take care of the strange plants and fungi used for potions and learn which ones are used for what.


History of Magic

History of Magic is the only subject that is taught by a ghost. Professor Binns fell asleep in front of the fire in the staff room and when he woke up he went to his next lesson, leaving his body back in the staff room but still continued to teach. Most pupils agree that this is one of the most boring lessons, as you learn about magic in the past and don't get to do any magic yourself.


Muggle Studies

This subject is specifically for wizarding family students but Muggle-borns do take it such as Hermione to learn about the wizard point-of-view on their life before they found out that they were a witch or a wizard. The subject teaches them about all the things in the Muggle world and how they work such as a telephone and electricity.



This is not offered to Hogwarts students but Snape who is gifted in Legilimency (the ability to access another's feelings and memories from their mind) tried to teach Harry this when he was sharing Voldemort's emotions and thoughts. It is the magical defence of the mind against influence and intrusion.



Professor Snape who favours his house Slytherin taught this subject. It is the subtle science and exact art of potion making. Here you make potions to cure ailments and learn which potion is best for whatever is wrong with you. There are many different types and these are discussed more in the Potions section. Horace Slughorn returned to Hogwarts to teach Potions, instead of Snape.


Quidditch and flying lessons -

Madam Hooch teaches Quidditch to those who want to learn at Hogwarts. She also teaches flying lessons to all the first year students along with Professor McGonagall. Flying is extremely popular for obvious reasons.


Study of Ancient Runes

This is the study of how to read and interpret Rune stones, by finding out what each stone means.



Professor McGonagall teaches Transfiguration and it is a complex and dangerous subject. It is where you change things into different objects such as a beetle into a button or even a human into a pig. The class starts off simple and becomes more and more advanced.