All the below words are spells that you can do if you wave your wand correctly and make sure that you always say the words with the correct pronunciation, otherwise you never know what might happen!

There are also non-verbal spells however, that add the element of surprise, as they other witch or wizard will not know what to expect. There is also extremely Dark Magic, that only the Darkest of Wizards are aware of, and would dare to use.

Wingardium Leviosa Makes objects fly

Petrificus Totalus A full body lock

Peskipiksi Pesternomi Rounds up Cornish Pixies

Expelliarmus Disarms your opponent

Rictusempra Tickling spell

Tarantallegra Uncontrollable body movement

Finite Incantatem Stops all charms and spells

Serpensortia Releases snakes

Lumos Creates a light source at the end of your wand

Nox - Makes the light at the end of your wand go out

Alohomora Opens windows or doors

Riddikulus - Turns something frightening into something funny

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good - Reveals the Marauders Map

Mischief Managed Clears the Marauders Map

Expecto Patronum Produces a patronus to act as a guardian. Patronus can be used to communicate and can also change form.

Ferula Bandages up body parts

Mobilicorpus - Invisible strings tie up a person

Mobiliarbus - Moves objects

Obliviate - Gets rid of memories

Impervius - Repels water 

Aparecium - Makes invisible ink visible

Incendio - Lights up a fire

Accio - Summoning charm

Sonorus - Magnifies voice

Quietus - Turns voice back to normal

Morsmorde - Releases the dark mark

Enervate - Revives people

Prior Incantato - Finds out last spells used in a wand

Deletrius - Gets rid of the last spells used in a wand

Reparo - Repairs things

Engorgio - Makes something bigger

Reducio - Shrinks things

Furnunculus - Produces boils

Densaugeo - Grows teeth

Avis - Produces birds out of wand tip

Diffindo - Splits items

Relashio - Shoots sparks above ground and boling water below

Point me - Turns wand into a compass

Reducto - Puts holes in solid objects/blasts objects out of the way

Impedimenta - Loses use of legs by temporarily freezing opponents

Prior Incantatem - Reverse spell effect

Scourgify - Cleans up mess

Locomotor - Makes objects follow you

Disillusionment Charm - Conceals people or objects by making them the exact same colour and texture of things behind them. It hides the true, magical nature of things.

Imperturbable Charm - Stops eavesdropping

Permanent Sticking Charm - Appears to stick objects onto surfaces and walls for ever

Evanesco - Makes objects vanish

Silencio - Silences things

Portus - Used to create a portkey

Colloportus - Seals doors shut

Flagrate - Marks objects with an "X"

Protego - Shield charm

Anaprieo - Clears airways

Episkey - Mends broken bones and stops blood

Tergeo - Siphons blood

Levicorpus - A non-verbal spell to suspend its victims in mid air by the ankle upside-down.

Liberacorpus - The counter-spell for Levicorpus.

Muffilato - Makes those around the caster have a buzzing in their ears, so they cannot hear what is being said.

Aguamenti -Creates water.

Langlock - Glues the tounge to the roof of the mouth.

Meteoljinx recanto Stops rain

Homenum revelio Reveals human presence

Gemino and Flagrate Causes items to burn the holder, as well as the item to multiply.


  • Dark Magic Spells -

    Avada Kedavra - Kills someone instantaneously with a flash of green light. Using this spell will result in a life-prison sentence in Azkaban, as it is one of the Unforgivable Curses. There has only ever been one survivor of this case, Harry Potter, who was left with his lightening bolt scar because of it.

    Crucio - Causes someone severe pain to the point of unbearability. Often used to tortue before death. This is another of the Unforgivable curses, in which you have to really mean it for it to be effective and work.

    Horcrux - The Horcrux is the most darkest of magic because it splits a wizards soul. Murder has to be first committed to place the soul in agony, and then the soul can be split and placed into anotehr object in an attempt to prevent death. Only if the horcrux is destoyed, can the wizard who has used it, be mortal once more and killed.

    Imperio - Allows the caster to have complete control over the person that the spell is cast upon. The final of the unforgivable curses.

    Sectumsempra -A Dark magic spell, which causes a person to be slashed to death.

    Fiend Fyre A dangerous, cursed fire.


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