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Site Rules -

  • In accessing the site entitled "The Boy Who Lived:" which can be found at and and its external interactive features, such as the forum, found at, you agree that you will access the contents solely for your own private use but not for any commercial or public use. You undertake not to copy, store in any medium (including in any other website), distribute, transmit, re-transmit, broadcast, modify, or show in public any part of the site without the prior written permission of Claire Michelle Field or in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. See also Copyright/Disclaimer on site.

  • In using this site you also agree that the site holds no responsibility for the actions, behaviour, opinions, postings and general use of its users and the consequences on the site and its external interactive services.


    Forum & Chat Room Rules -

  • The site's forum entitled "The Boy Who Lived" can be found at Use of the forum indicates acceptance of the forum rules and overall the site rules.

  • The webmistress (Forum user: cmfield) has the right to delete, edit, move or close any messages that she deems unfit for public viewing, have already been covered in an existing topic or the topic has finished. The Moderators also have the right to delete or edit any messages in their set forums.

  • The purpose of the forum is that it is a discussional area, not a chat room. Users that are found to be continually in violation of tis rule will be officially wanred, possibly leading to their user account being terminated.

  • Always be polite and pleasant on the forum. Good manners are a must because you will be chatting with people from all over the world. And remember, one word that may not be insulting to you, can be to another person, so respect each others different backgrounds.

  • It is advised never to reveal your real name, e-mail address, school, home address, password, phone number, credit card details etc to anyone. Please ask a parent/guardian if you feel that you want to disclose such information.

  • It is advised never arrange to meet someone that you have met on the Internet by yourself. Although they may claim to be someone, they may actually be not. And if you do decide to risk that, then at least make sure that you are with a responsible adult(s) that you know and that you meet in a public place with lots of people there.

  • If you are under 13, it is the law in some countries that you need your parents permission or your parents with you when using the forum.

  • Users that are found to be rude and unpleasant to other members or use bad language will be given an official warning and then banned from the site and all its features if the misconduct continues.

  • Please check the site to see if the information you require is there before posting on the forum.

  • Any links to other Harry Potter websites or blatant promotion will be deleted. If you wish to add your link to the site, then visit the links section and submit your link. It will then be reviewed and either be added or not.

  • Excessive use of signatures in a user will result in a warning asking parts of the signature to be removed and possibly result in that user's signature being removed from them.

  • Users should create a topic in the Profile board within 14 days of creating their account to help maintain TBWL's sense of community spirit by sharing a little about yourself.