Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic was set up to regulate magic in the British wizarding world so that everything doesn't get out of control with people trying to take over the world etc. It was mainly set up though to stop Muggles from learning about the wizarding world and learning all their spells, creatures (dragons particularly) etc. The headquarters are based in London.

Many stupid laws have been set up by the Ministry of Magic and they often make a lot of blunders but at the end of the day all the laws are there to try and protect the wizarding world from Muggles and vice versa. Some people though believe that it is unfair to treat Muggles with memory charms etc. all the time, so the Muggle protection act has been set up. The Ministry also controls all, the Animagi in the country, to keep a tab on them and each one is recorded.

The Minister for Magic was Cornelius Fudge. Many people wanted Dumbledore to become Minister over Fudge, but he refused. Fudge used to contact Dumbledore practically every morning for advice on situations. Dumbledore and Fudge did part ways, as Fudge didn't believe that Voldemort was back in power. After a year of the Ministry claiming that anything Dumbledore and Harry Potter said about this was incorrect and interfering in the running of Hogwarts by placing Senior Undersecretary, Dolores Umbridge, as the new DADA teacher, the Ministry finally believes them as he witnessed Voldemort with his own eyes at the Ministry itself. Fudge tries to get Harry as the 'poster-boy' for the Ministry when Voldemort's retrun was know, but failed. He was soon voted out of his position as Minister, but retained as an advisor. Rufus Scrimgeour, previous Head of the Auror Office in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, replaced Fudge as Minister. He too has tried to get Harry to be seen in the Ministry.

The Ministry issued guidelines after the return of Voldemort. These include not leaving the house alone, travelling in daytime, agreeing security questions and not entering buildings with the Dark Mark over them.

The Ministry's headquarters are in London in a street filled with shabby looking offices, a pub and an overflowing skip. A red telephone box that is badly damage is the visitor's entrance to the Ministry. Visitors dial 62442 to speak to reception, who issues visitors badges through the return coin slot. The phone box then sinks into the ground into the Ministry itself. The atrium inside is filled with fireplaces for floo travel and in the middle there is a fountain emitted from golden statues. The Fountain of Magical Brethren consists of a wizard towering above them all, a beautiful witch, a house-elf and a goblin. Donations to St Mungo's Hospital can be made in here. Messages are sent between departments using magical paper aeroplanes and although it is underground, there are windows showing the weather outside, controlled by the Magical Maintenance team, who all wear navy blue robes.

The Minsitry was finally taken over by Voldemort to try and get to Harry. The fountain was taken away and instead replaced with a black stone statue of a witch and wizard stood over naked, cowering Muggles. "Magic is might" became the new motto. The way into the Ministry was also changed with employees entering a male or female toilet using a speical coin, and then flushing themself into the Ministry foyer.

In the Ministry there are many departments who are in charge of different things.


  • Department of Magical Games and Sports -

    This department is in charge of organising things like the Quidditch Cup and the Tri-Wizard Tournament, which brings joy to many witches and wizards. Ludo Bagman, former Quidditch player for England was head of this department. It includes the British and Irish Quidditch Leauge Headquearters, the Official Gobstone club and the Ludicrous Patents office.


  • Department of Magical Transportation -

    These people are in charge of wizards getting around the country and the world by broomstick, Floo, Portkeys or by apparating. They organise the Portkeys and make sure that the people who are apparating have a licence. It includes the follwing offices:

    Floo Regulation Panel/Network Authority -

    These are in charge of the Floo system and making sure that all the fireplaces in the wizarding world are linked up but to no Muggle fireplaces.

    Broom Regulatory Control -

    Ensuring brroms are to a correct and legal standard.

    Portkey Office -

    Organises portkeys around the country and ensures there are no illegal ones been used.

    Apparition Test Centre -

    The place where those of age can take their Apparition test. It also deals with those apparating illegally and who become spliced. Wilkie Twycross is one of the Minister Instructors for Apparition.

    Magical Maintenance -

    They are in charge of picking the weather and dealing with any maintenace problems within the Ministry. Workers here wear navy blue robes.


  • Department of International Magical Co-operation -

    This department ensures that there is peace with other countries and organises international events such as conferences and the Quidditch World Cup. Barty Crouch ran it before his own son murdered him. He was someone who had a chance of becoming the Minister of Magic. Percy Weasley also worked here before been made Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic. It includes the International Magical Treading Standards Body, International Magical office of Law and the Interntational Confederation of Wizards - British Seats.


  • Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures -

    This department makes sure that all those unruly creatures behave themselves and that they don't show up in the Muggle world. They also make sure that dragons are spotted in the Muggle world, as this can be a big problem. Mr Diggory works in this department. It is the 2nd largest department at the Ministry and is situated on the 4th level.

    Beast, Being and Spirit Division -

    Part of the Department for Regulation and Control for Magical Creatures, this department deals specifically with beasts, beings and spirits. They banned the breeding of two different species in 1965.

    Goblin Liaison Office -

    Cuthbert Mockridge was in charge of this office that makes sure that wizards and goblins keep on friendly terms. Dirk Cresswell is now in charge here.

    Pest Advisory Bureau -

    They advise the public on any pest problems they may have.

    Office House Elf Relocation -

    A stressful department that deals with the relocation of house elves who have been given clothes.

    Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures -

    Creatures in the wizarding world who go out of control are sentenced here and normally executed after a trail. They are not necessarily a fair part of the Ministry as they sentenced Buckbeak, an innocent Hippogriff to death.


  • Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes -

    These people have top act fast when magic goes wrong and includes the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad, the Obliviator Headquarters, Committee on Experimental Charms and the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee. An example of this department at work was when Harry blew up his Aunt Marge.

    Committee on Experimental Charms -

    This is almost like a research lab with the workers here bewitching objects to make them work in different and unusual ways. Gilbert Wimple works at this department and is currently trying to get rid of his horn.

    Accidental Magic Reversal Department -

    These wizards have to act fast when magic goes wrong and they need to put everything right again. An example of their department at work was when Harry blew up Aunt Marge.


  • Department of Magical Law Enforcement -

    This department concerns itself with upholding wizarding law.

    Auror Headquarter -

    These people have to have their wits about them because it is their job to bring the Dark Wizards into Azkaban, alive if possible, if not they are allowed to kill them. The most famous Auror is Mad-eye Moody. Others include Kingsley Shacklebot who was in charge of finding Sirius and Nymphadora Tonks, both who are members of the Order.

    Wizengamot Administration Services -

    The administration offices for Wizengamot, the court for wizard crimes.

    Improper use of Magic Office -

    This part of the Ministry stops people from using magic for the wrong reasons. It also stops under-age wizards from using magic during the summer holidays. Mathalda Hopkins works here.

    Muggle-born Registration Comission -

    This department was headed by Umbridge after Voldemort gained power in the Ministry. It accussed Muggle-born witches and wizards of stealing magical power, and made them stand trial. They were found to be guilty if they could not prove wizarding descent and sent away.

    Misuse of Muggle Artefacts -

    This office was set up to retrieve all the bewitched Muggle objects that had been released into the Muggle world and cause havoc. This is a stressful department involving lots of contacts with Muggles and lots of charms been used on them. Arthur Weasley used to work in this department, along with Perkins.

    Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive spells and Protective Objects -

    This office headed by Arthur Weasley, puts a stop to false protection obejcts/spells that are sweeping the wizarding world over the panic of Voldemort's return, as well as the more serious objects that are being planted by the Death Eaters.

    Office of Misinformation -

    These people are a last resort when it comes to incidents involving Muggles and the Wizarding World. They will contact the PM and try and resolve the matter by expalining it in a way that Muggles will understnad and this way will also keep the Wizarding World away from Muggle Eyes!


  • Department of Mysteries -

    The top-secret department that no one seems to know much about. The people who work there are oftern referred to as the "unspeakables." It is situated near the courtrooms as the end of a dark long corridor. Any prophecies that are made are kept here, in the Hall of Prophecies, and can only be retrieved by the person/people who the prophecy is about. It also includes the black veiled room, where it seems all those who have died go to. It is like a great stone pit and in the centre at the bottom is a raised stone dais on which an archway stands. The veil flutters down from the archway. There is a locked room, where nobody can get into, but contains a force more wonderful and terrible than death, than human intelligence and the forces of nature. There is a room where time is kept, a room full of brains in jars and several other unknown rooms.


  • Wizengamot Courtrooms -

    The courtrooms that are used for serious, full criminal trials. There are about 50 members in a full court, who wear plum-coloured robes with a silver W on the left hand-side.


  • The Other Minister -

    Interaction with the Prime Minister of the UK is done when times are grave for both the wizarding world and the muggle world. There is a magical portrait kept in the Prime Minister's office for the wizard in the portrait to be able to contact the Prime Minister, and let him know of the Minister's arrival. The wizarding world is revealed to the Prime Minister on the day he is appointed. The Prime Minister has to be informed as well, if highly dangerous creatures are brought into the country.