International Wizardry

Of course, the wizarding world is not only in Britain but all over the world. You didn't think that Hogwarts was the only school did you or that the Chudley Cannons only ever competed against other British Quidditch teams?


  • International Schools -

    There are many wizarding schools all over the world but he most famous one is Hogwarts of course. Each school is obsessed with keeping their school's location a secret so that other schools can't steal their secrets. They rarely meet up with each other, apart form the Tri-wizard Tournament or other international events such as the Quidditch Cup.

    The schools that we know about are Beauxbatons; a French school with mainly girls and a headmistress called Madam Maxime, a half-giant. These girl's like to travel by air and made a superb landing into the Hogwarts grounds in their horse-drawn carriage. Their uniform is made from fine silk and is very elegant.

    Durmstrang, is a school from the cold weather as fur caps are included on their school uniform list and fur cloaks. The school's headmaster is Professor Karkaroff, a former death-eater. These tend to favour to the Dark Arts but there are some exceptions such as Viktor Krum, Hermione's boyfriend and famous international Quidditch player. They travel by water in their large underwater ship.


  • International Federation -

    Just like the Ministry of Magic in Britain, there are Ministries all over the world. The British Ministry of Magic often gets together with other ministries from around the world to have conferences and meetings. These decide the rules of wizardry for the whole world and get together to organise international events. These are held every so often to make sure that everyone is updated.


  • International Events -

    This is mainly the Quidditch World Cup. In the Quidditch World Cup, the international teams from the countries compete in Quidditch to try and get to the final and bring their country glory. The Cup takes so much organising though that there is only one every four years. There is also the International Broom Race, which is a 300 mile course over a dragon reservation!


  • International Media -

    Wizards need to communicate around the world and learnt hr latest news. It's not always safe though to send messages through owl-post or news, so the wizarding world decided to use their own special media to share the news, gossip etc:

    The Daily Prophet -

    The Daily Prophet is the main wizarding paper that we know about. It has many staff on it to keep up with all the news in the wizarding world, including the notorious Rita Skeeter. Rita Skeeter uses her Quick Quote Quills to turn everything that someone says to her in an interview into an over-exaggerated, false story that leaves many people, often upset about her publications. She manipulates the truth to make more people read her article. Other staff on the Daily Prophet are unknown. Subscriptions are available for the Daily Prophet, so don't delay order your today for only 5 Knuts per paper. It holds an annual grand prize galleon competition in which 700 galleons can be won. Although Rita does not publish articles there anymore, The Daily Prophet did print untruthful articles about Harry Potter and Dumbledore because of influence from the Ministry of Magic. It is edited by Barnabas Cuffe, an ex-Hogwarts student.

    The Quibbler -

    The Quibbler is a magazine, edited by Hogwart's student, Luna Lovegood's father. The Quibbler doesn't take things seriously and often prints far-fetched and ludicrous stories about things that just don't exist. It has a reputation for being a trashy magazine with no credibility.

    Witch's Weekly -

     A weekly magazine aimed at witches. It is like a Muggle woman's magazine but instead with magic. It contains articles, wizarding puzzles, recipes etc. Mrs Weasley is a big fan of this magazine. This is also the magazine that awarded Gilderoy Lockhart, the best smile award five times.

    Transfiguration Today -

      Presumbly all about the complex wizard way of transfiguring things into something else or even themselves!

    Wizarding Radio -

    The wizarding radio is like the Muggle radio but instead with news from the wizarding world been told and everything wizard related. Songs are also played on the radio, such as the popular singing witch, Cassandra. Witching hour is very popular on the wizard radio because this is when all the golden-oldie songs are played.

    During the war of good and evil, Lee Jordan set up Potterwatch radio station to keep up morale. Lee broadcast under the name River, Kingsley under Royal and Lupin as Romulus. Fred Weasley was given the name Rodent, which he disliked and changed to Rapier. Access to the show was by password only, and it inlcuded updates on deaths, and minute silences, even for Muggles.