The Gaunt House, the Riddle House

and Spinner`s End


The Gaunt House

Situated in some dark trees hidden away near the village of Little Hangleton, is the house of Gaunt. Containing only three rooms, it was the childhood home of Merope Gaunt, Lord Voldemort's mother. She lived there with her father Marvolo, and her brother Morfin. It is more of a shack really, than a house.


The Riddle House

Situated overlooking the village of Little Hangleton, on the top of a hill, the Riddle House was once a fine-looking manor. Dubbed the Riddle House by the villagers, because of the Riddle family that lived there, who met their unfortunate death at the hands of a young Lord Voldemort. They also owned most of the surrounding land, apart from a cottage close-by. Tom Riddle, the elderly Riddle's son, was Lord Voldemort's father. Voldemort in later years, then used the Riddle House on his arrival back into Britain, where he murdered the gardener, Frank Bryce. It seems the house now, is in disrepair, and kept for 'tax reasons.'


Spinner's End

Professor Snape used the house in Spinner's End. It is situated in a labyrinth of brick houses with a mill overlooking it. It is not exactly a pleasant neighbourhood and the inside is not much better. It seems like it is not usually inhabited, and the boarded up windows of the other houses suggest that Spinner's End is usually a deserted neighbourhood.



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